[2018 Video] Our response to the "VIOLENCE IS REACHING NEW HEIGHTS in South Africa!" Video

Updated: Jun 16

A Willem Petzer propaganda video where Willem tries to link service delivery protests to white victims of farm attacks FROM 2018 is going viral now in 2020 and being shared now as if these events have happened this week.

^Willem knows how to capture "swart gevaar" in his thumbnails

We went and dug out our old response to Willem from back in 2018 when his video was being shared by the rightwing propaganda website South Africa Today. We can only guess that the audience that is re-sharing this video truly believes that this is a new video as it ticks all of their beliefs about black people and undermines the BLM movement by putting the focus on "the plight of the volk".

^ Posting 2 June 2020 with an April 2018 video... We have new info regarding the "30,000 farmers"and the farm murder rate as well as the brutality of farm attacks to keep in mind when watching Willem's video. So here is what we wrote back in 2018:

"We are witnessing protests across the country to demand much-needed service delivery and higher wages. It’s true that protesters have, in some cases, been burning tyres and throwing stones at police vehicles. Sadly, there have been isolated incidents resulting in injury – We will not deny that. However, the victims of these incidents so far have all been black, to our knowledge. (More at:

The problem is that right wingers are now exploiting this, by conjuring up a narrative to suit themselves, where they as white people are the “victims” of the events unfolding; where South Africa descending into “chaos”.

This narrative is nothing but fear-mongering, and now white communities are being encouraged to buy weapons and ammunition, and preparing for a “race war”. The people pushing this propaganda are radical groups who proudly display the old flag and call for the murder of blacks. All of this is a cocktail for potentially very dangerous events for all involved.

Examples of where this propaganda is being spread:"

"Over the last couple of days, we have seen far-right pages and news sites promoting loathsome race-baiting propaganda. We have seen sensationalistic headlines and images being shared across many pages.

Images and videos have been lumped together even though they are from previous weeks or months, even years, to mislead audiences into thinking they are all occurring everywhere at once.

There is also zero evidence showing any connection between the protests and recent attacks on white farms, as suggested in this video.

This is nothing but a re-branded version of the evergreen myth of the “Night of the Long Knives” that has been circulating since 1994. It has never happened, and it’s safe to say that it never will. There is no vast conspiracy to murder all whites in this country."

Race-baiting and fear-mongering:

"Where it's being posted: Where it originates from:"

  • This is all in the context of the events around April 2018 - where Willems video is from. It is being resurrected in 2020 because the audience does not fact check and consume any story that fits their beliefs. They want to believe "the blacks" are burning the country down. They want to believe the violence is going out of control and gangs are patrolling the streets with machettes looking for whites. Yes, farm murders exist, yes whites fall victim to crime sometimes, is it all racially motivated? No. Notice in the video Willem was speaking to his USA fans. The logic jump: USA experiencing black riots, Willem's video: Black riots in SA = must be true and current right?


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