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Is genocide currently underway
in South Africa?

No credible organisation has found any evidence of genocide. “Genocide Watch” claimed that South Africa was at Stage 6 of genocide, where Stage 9 would be “extermination”. However, when asked to provide sources or methodology, it failed to do so, and has since retracted this position. 


Are whites are disproportionately targeted by murderers?

On the contrary, it has been shown that farm murders cut across all cultures, races and all creeds. In 2003 (When Farm murders were very high) a committee of inquiry found that only around 2% of farm attacks had a political/racial motive.
Black South Africans are much more likely to be victims of crime, largely because they are less able to afford the protections and security measures which most white South Africans, as still privileged citizens, are able to acquire.


What about the stories of people being tortured?

Torture is horrific, and should be condemned at every turn, but people of all races who fall victim to crime are sometimes tortured, just the same as whites. The notion that torture is exclusively applied to whites, and that it is therefore linked a racial or political motive, is entirely unsupported and false. Also torture does not occur in every farm attack/home invasion or even most farm attacks. 

Did farm murders rise because of Malema  and the EFF?


Farm murders dropped slightly in the years following the rise of Julius Malema.

Statistics show that from 2005-2009, there were 311 farm murders in South Africa, but from 2010-2014, there were only 285. Julius Malema sang the song “Kill The Boer” in early 2010, suggesting there is either zero correlation between the song and farm murders, or at best, a negative one.  

But someone/people I know have been murdered?

No one should have to lose a loved one, especially not in that way – We are extremely sorry for your loss. However, if I lose my friend to a shark attack does it mean there is a shark attack epidemic? Not without the proper investigation and evidence. No matter how tragic my loss is, it is not an indication of mass conspiracy.


Is the government complacent & doing absolutely nothing?


No, the government has launched investigations into farm attacks, as well as a fully-fledged rural safety program. In 2011 the South African police force launched the National Rural Safety Strategy, working closely with AgriSA. It saw officers being given the right equipment and vehicles, including horses and, where necessary, helicopters. We have seen a significant drop in farm murders since. 

Is the media ignoring the issue?

No – on the contrary, the farm attacks are covered more than any other kind of violence. Over 19 000 South Africans were murdered during the period of 2016-2017 and only 74 of those were farm attacks, yet media coverage and general outcry was noticeably high with regards to the topic of "farm murders".


Does black economic empowerment (BEE) mean there is a white genocide? 

“When you’re accustomed to privilege, equality feels like oppression.” White South Africans still have the lowest unemployment rate of all population groups in SA by a wide margin, and remain the wealthiest demographic in the country. Whatever you think of BEE, it is a means to correct the past, not a plot to commit genocide. And all signs have shown that whites have prospered in South Africa since the fall of apartheid.


But the attackers are predominantly black?


So are the demographics of our country. So are the victims of most crimes. 
Since most South Africans happen to be black, it would follow that most victims, perpetrators and innocent bystanders would also happen to be black. 

"This website is



Soros propaganda!"


This statement is not only false, but the epitome of anti-Semitism. Blaming some “other” entity for one’s perceived problems is a way of hiding behind the fact that you have no argument to begin with. 

“You are a traitor to your race!”


Defining whites as a category that explicitly belong together is inherently racist in and of itself. Built into this argument is the unspoken notion that “blacks” are behind the so-called white genocide plot. 

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