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Devon Hofmeyr attacks local businesses who speak out against injustice

Updated: Jan 3, 2021

SwiitchBeauty is a South African beauty and cosmetics business that made a post recently stating their commitment to standing in solidarity with those speaking out against racial inequality and human injustice.

As you know “When you’re accustomed to privilege, equality feels like oppression.” So Devon Hofmeyr went and made over-the-top posts about this and set his followers loose on the SwitchBeauty facebook page.

^"How could they commit this crime against humanity" A flood of bad reviews then flooded the SwiitchBeauty page:

And let's not even get started on the comments on the page as well as Devon's post (all of which was posted publicly on public posts on social media):

Will Suzette take down all her social media profiles and her business page after this to avoid people reporting her? She is inviting serious backlash from people who saw this public comment on facebook. One does not simply dehumanize black people by calling them apes in South Africa in 2020 without repercussions.

Vulgar Translations: "Who are they? Fuck them don't buy from them or support them!" "If I read things like this it makes me "die POES in!" Truly! "Truly SICK, the Cabal lies under our noses, massive backstabbers!" And who exactly is Devon Hofmeyr who started this attack?

^Best photo we could find. Devon Hofmeyr is one of Steve Hofmeyr's many sons.

^He likes to start his mornings with symbols of white supremacy.

^He's also compared black people to rats on twitter We should all stand behind the SwiitchBeauty page and their stellar example in making real change in our country today. Please be careful as Devon has been known to inbox followers of our page to attack them - especially white people as he sees them as backstabbers to the volk. Please keep your privacy settings tight. Please take screenshots of threats and report them. Feel free to inbox us for any assistance in doing so.

^More Juvenile one-star reviews

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