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Faked Farm Attack Social Media Posts Encourages Vigilantism

Warning: Article contains images of dead bodies.

There have been a series of social media posts on various platforms claiming that now in September of 2020, farmers in Naboomspruit hunted down and killed "Farm attackers" by themselves without police help.

The comments are particularly dreadful.

It's all "Lekker!" "Mooi man!""We must kill them like they kill us!". They spew hatred, incitement to violence and dehumanization of black people because the "farm attackers" are not simply criminals but are seen as participants in the mythical white genocide where their main aim is apparently to boil children alive and crucify white farmers upside down.

So we found out that that these inciteful posts are actually false stories patched together from various crimes from years before. Mostly Cash In Transit robberies where the police, not the farmers, shot robbers - Imagine that.

Here is the actual story from 2018 where the SAPS caught criminals (Not vigilante farmers).

There was a case in Naboomspruit years ago where farmers helped track down criminals but this is not it. People making up white genocide stories often use images from Cash in Transit heists and attempt to pass them off as farm attack incidents.

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