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Our shot for shot response to Willem Petzer's video - SABC Interview at the White Squatter camp

Updated: May 19, 2020

We sat through the clip and made points as we went along: The video:


There are many Willems. The one in this video is heartbroken, serious, earnest, and gravely concerned Willem. This is for the followers that believe he is a religious and polite man who only has compassion for his people who are being persecuted. 00:57 Willem portrays this SABC interview as a heartless railroading of the old man. We found that Willem had edited the video he includes in his youtube video for maximum impact in favour of his narrative – and we will show you later in this article.

01:01 At this point in the video Willem provides context for his international viewers. Willem states “Businesses who do not have BEE status cannot apply for aid, this basically means that a business not owned by a black person cannot get aid from the government during this lockdown” – something that is false.

We’ve debunked this claim in detail here: In short – it says on the government website itself that a person of any race can apply. Willem relies on his audience having a poor grasp of B-BBEE laws, let alone International viewers who are easily bamboozled by the concept of BEE as it will always sound unfair if one doesn’t show them apartheid history and you don't show them just how much how whites are prospering in post-apartheid South Africa. Willem is building upon on viral misinformation with this video (Misinformation which he has helped to spread). 01:28 He then mentions Afriforums attempt to take the matter to court – which ended in a dismal failure for them. As of today, their application was dismissed at the High Court as well as the Constitutional Court. At the High Court Judge Jody Kollapen dismissed the application by Afriforum, stating that the criteria of B-BBEE codes of good practice did not perpetuate unfair advantage by black companies. 01:39 Willem says: “the courts ruled that it is perfectly legal and constitutional to deny pandemic aid to white people based on skin color” This is a complete falsehood – the court case was about covid-19 aid to businesses not “Aid to white people” in general as Willem has put it. No race is barred from receiving SASSA COVID19 social grants. The eligibility for that aid is based on things like “age”, “being a citizen” – nowhere is skin color mentioned. And the same goes for business aid. Any skin color can apply. 01:51 “Whites in squatter camps complained about the government preventing them from getting food aid” - Willem Firstly there was a fake post going viral about policeman confiscating 200 food parcels from poor whites. The police themselves debunked this hoax and we included it here: Secondly the government changed the rules to state that you need a permit to hand out food parcels during the pandemic – not just whites but ANYONE. This was framed as persecution of whites when in fact the rule applied to every citizen. 02:20 Willem saw the SABC clip as “blacks are the victims and poor whites are the racists”. When we watch the full clip we see the interviewer was much more reasonable than his portrayal in Willem’s edit. They are not racist because they are not coincidentally living with whites in their camp, they are racist for not allowing people to live in their camp based on them being black.

3:10 Willem plays his edited version of the clip. We watched the full original SABC interview It was not as bloodthirsty as Willem suggests. Willem completely cuts out the second speaker in the interview who goes into the history of the white squatter camp and puts it bluntly that there were black ex-convicts that came to stay in the camp and caused trouble, and from then on they decided a policy of no blacks allowed. Also In the full interview you will see that the first white gentleman says that they do receive donations (though not from the government) so they are not starving there – he mentions they get 3 meals a day. And it’s an absolutely valid point when the journalist asks “why do you want assistance from the multi-racial government when your policy is not to allow blacks to live here”. The white gentleman being interviewed thereafter actually agrees with the SABC journalist that it is a double standard (At timecode 06:30). The white gentleman also mentioned that it may be possible to change the rule of no blacks allowed – something which Willem cut out.

05:56 “As you can see this poor elderly man was absolutely blasted and steamrolled by the reporter” - Willem After watching the full original clip, one can see it was not blasting and steamrolling. The two white gentleman were more agreeable with the SABC reporter than Willem makes it out to be (Willem cut out the other man in his edit to make the one elderly man seem more vulnerable and alone). If you want to see an example of poor reporting and "Ambush Journalism" you can just look at Sihle Ngobese ( The IRR's big daddy liberty) at the EFF manifesto launch, he walked around looking for low hanging fruit, picking people who were not articulate to interview on camera (in English no less) about “Commerce and socialism”.

The most upvoted comment from Sihle’s fans is “I could feel my IQ drop watching some of these answers.” and we all know he is likely talking about the interviewees who struggled to answer in English and got caught off guard by Sihle's academic questions.

06:25 Willem says that "maybe this will show the Karens of South Africa who praise Cyril Ramaphosa that they themselves (the white Karens) are being hated more than they can ever comprehend by the people they are praising all the time." First of all people of color do not hate whites they hate racists.

Secondly, Willem hates how our ANC president has been praised for his swift action with the Covid-19 pandemic. Something the entire world is grappling with. Willem cannot stand to see whites praising the black ANC government, the same government he blames for a secret white farmer genocide. Willem also doesn’t understand what the “Karen” meme is. A “Karen” is generally characterized as an irritating, entitled middle age white woman. The lady that always wants to speak to the manager and calls the cops on a group of “suspicious” black kids. They are not the ones praising Cyril right now for enacting the lockdown actually the opposite, they are the ones who are against Cyril and want the lockdown dissolved so they can get their Karen haircuts at the salon – and of course speak to the manager. You can spot them easily with “#JohnSpeaksForMe” in their facebook posts.

06:50 Willem then states how the only way Afrikaners can survive is by helping themselves. He’s happy because the misinformation and the ANC’s poor PR, combined with the general wilful ignorance around BEE laws, has created an opportunity to get more Afrikaners to stop trusting the government and onboard with parallel state initiatives like those put forth by Afriforum and Solidariteit. Don’t want to study in a majority black classroom? Go to Solidariteit's Akademia campus in Centurion. Don’t want to live in a majority black neighbourhood? Participate in the “anker dorps” project. Obviously they won’t put it so bluntly and in your face – “It’s for afrikaners” wink wink ;) 07:00 Lastly, keep in mind there are even poor black people that haven’t received food parcels yet from the government. It’s a massive undertaking with many obstacles (including corruption). There is no instruction from the government that says “Don’t give food parcels to poor whites”. Everyone is suffering during this time of emergency and more acutely black South Africans.

Having read our response to his video - How cheap is Willem's thumbnail looking now:

"No food for you racist" as if the journalist would actually say that. The elderly man admitted he is eating 3 meals a day. The government would also provide SASSA COVID19 social grants to any white member of that camp if they wanted it. Willem's audience supports whites-only Orania so obviously they would see no problem with a squatter camp that only accepts white people - and don't view it as racist in the slightest. It is shocking clickbait.

And we were saving this for the very end - poisoning the well as Ernst would say. Who is Willem really and why exactly do we see him as a sly duplicitous individual: Links:

(From two different Journalists)

^Here he is on one of his Race Realism threads. (We do not agree with Willem Petzer's views) Out in the wild west you may come across the following comments on Willem's video from his supporters: "This asshole (the SABC reporter) wouldn't go into a township and ask a half literate dweller why are there no whites there." This comes from a willful ignorance about South Africa's history. Black people don't want to live in a township. "Go set up your little shack (a white person) in a black township. See how long you last." This comes from the swart gevaar belief that Blacks just want to kill rape torture white people. In reality there are multiracial communities in South Africa where everyone is destitute and living together in relative peace. Poverty is an equaliser. "Should have answered the "journalist" by asking him if he can explain why the squatter camp is there in the first place."

This is hinting at "They are there because of BEE and ANC oppression" - The white squatter camps showcased in media are not brimming with young engineers and veterinarians that could not find work because if BEE.

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