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Q: Am I a racist for having concerns about farm murders?

We often see this question. People saying that simply showing concern for farm murders has them branded as a racist and far right.

^"Like OMG all we did was talk about white genocide?" We really don't have a problem with people being concerned about farm murders. What we have a problem with are the conspiracies that people are spreading as well as other unacceptable behaviors we will give concrete examples of here: 1) You can be concerned about farm murders without calling it a white genocide or using the white genocide dog-whistles e.g "systematic ethnic cleansing":

No credible organization has ever found evidence of a genocide underway in South Africa. It is known world wide as dangerous white nationalist conspiracy theory.

People spreading the "white genocide" myth will only assure that the real problems faced by farmers will be kicked aside with all other conspiracies like flat earthers and anti-vaxxers. 2) By all means be concerned about farm murders but if you talk about farm attacks being a "Jewish/Soros/Globalists" plot to destroy whites then you are simply an antisemitic scumbag:

3) If your "simple concern" for farm murders means apartheid worship then yes, you are a racist.

4) If you share garbage like this image below - then you are just an apathetic asshole:

^This poor woman probably doesn't even know her picture is being used here to undermine BLM. 5) If you embellish and exaggerate stories of how people's loved ones were murdered, like what Boere Krisis Aksie did to Mr. Markus Esterhuyse. Then you are not helping the problem, but are part of it:

^Boere Krisis Aksie are not helping the situation by telling lies. We can only imagine what Markus went through.

6) If you don't want to be associated with the far right then why do you take your concern to the far right? As Ernst Roets of Afriforum did:

7) If you completely ignore the fact that black people are also victims of crime and farm murders, even going so far as overlooking black victims who also suffered in the same farm attack incidents you are reporting on - then yes you are racist:


To end off, this is Jerm's cartoon, he's the man in the video at the top of this article. In the cartoon, the white gentleman is simply going to the world and asking that the SA government acknowledges the brutality of farm attacks. Meanwhile in the background the press, the EFF and social media are saying "STOP SAYING THERE'S A GENOCIDE".

As we've shown you on this list, things are not as innocent as how Jerm simply laid out in his cartoon. Watch the video at the top of the page again. Sneaky isn't he? The tactic is making the things being done seem as small, minimized and innocent as possible - to cover up for your allies who are then not acting nearly as innocent as you purport.

^A Gaslighting Masterclass from Jeremy Nel Everyone can be concerned about farm murders if they choose to without doing any of deplorable things we've shown in this article. It's really not difficult.

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