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Q: Are white farmers murdered every day in South Africa?

Updated: Jun 3, 2020

We've seen claims that farm murders are happening every day.

There were 57 farm murders in the year of 2019 (stat from Afriforum)*. There are 365 days in a year. Therefore a farmer is not "brutally tortured and murdered" every day in South Africa. For context, in 2017 - 72 farm murders were recorded (stat from Afriforum)*. Farm murders have decreased since 2017. In 2017 Simon Roche of the Suidlanders prepper group was making contacts in the USA and spreading fear mongering about "White Genocide". Roche told interviewers “I recently read a statistic stating that the likelihood of being murdered as a farmer is greater than the likelihood of dying as a soldier — an American soldier — in Iraq or Afghanistan.” He also hinted that the ANC government was complicit. LINK:

Simon would lay the foundation for all the white genocide hysteria that would take place in 2018, Peter Dutton's visas for white farmers story, the baseless linking of farm murders to Expropriation without compensation and all the visiting right wing vloggers that made South Africa "White Genocide" the hot topic of youtube.

^This is what the right wing had predicted for 2018/19 under Ramaphosa. Trump even tweeted about "The farm killings and land grabs".

There were 57 farm murders in the year of 2019. There was no white farmer genocide as predicted by the right wing. (Source at bottom of article). This year Lana Marks, the US Ambassador to South Africa declared she was happy with how president Ramaphosa is enacting Expropriation Without Compensation (E.W.C). Link:

The Afriforum stats are for calendar year not financial year. Financial Year 2016/17 period farm murder figure = 74 Calendar Year 2017 farm murder figure = 72

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