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Q: Did Cyril Ramaphosa deny farm murders exist?

Updated: Jan 3, 2021

When Ramaphosa spoke to Bloomberg News in New York in 2018, he said there were "no killings of White Farmers". He was speaking clearly in reference to Trump's tweet about "Large scale killing of farmers" in the same breath as "South African Government seizing land from white farmers". There is no large scale farm killing of farmers underway in South Africa and it's not perpetuated by the government. Khusela Diko, Ramaphosa's spokesperson, said from New York at the time: "The president was responding to a question posed to him about President Trump's tweet where he spoke of 'land and and farm seizures and expropriation and large scale killings of white farmers'. This is what the president was dismissing and we reject the notion that he lied. There is no programme of large scale killings of white farmers in South Africa. Yes, there is crime and it happens in all our communities; no one in SA is targeting white people or farmers." Read Full Analysis by Pieter Du Toit:

In 2017 Cyril Ramaphosa responded to the Black Monday marches and spoke out against the ill-treatment and murder of farmworkers, as well as farmers. He knows about farm murders and had addressed them publicly. And later in 2019 Cyril met with large-scale farmers Cape farmers at a public meeting where farmers expressed their sentiments regarding business challenges and questions about land reform. Afterwards the farmers declared their love for Ramaphosa and even went biblical in their declaration of support for the ANC president: "The Bible says presidents and kings are appointed by the Lord. Mr President, you're also anointed ... David in the Bible was first anointed and then he was appointed, then he wrote the psalms. Mr President, I know that you're going to write a lot of psalms for South Africa and it's going to be a lot of excellent psalms," said Beyerskloof owner and programme director Beyers Truter.

(Image above) How the right wing depicts Cyril Ramaphosa. (Ben Garrison - 2018, white genocide cartoon, in response to land reform plans) In 2020 Lana Marks, US Ambassador to South Africa - stated she is happy with Ramaphosa's plans for land reform and how he is handling things. Link: Another example of the President of South Africa speaking about the issue of farm murders was in his "From the desk of the President" Newsletter (Link).

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