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Q: Has Ernst Roets ever compared farm murders to Genocide?

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

In 2010 a young(er) Ernst Alex Roets was national chairman of “Afriforum Jeug” (Previously Solidairiteit Jeug), the youth branch of Afriforum. He put together a campaign for the 2010 FIFA World cup called “FIFA 2010: A Celebration of Genocide” – which included a website, youtube video (narrated by Steve Hofmeyr himself), and a facebook group demanding that FIFA apologize to the families of South African farm murder victims for playing matches at Peter Mokaba stadium.

Ernst Roets would later fiercely deny claims of ever referring to farm murders as Genocide even going as far as filing a complaint with the Press ombudsman.

In 2018, Bongani Bingwa was forced to apologize to Ernst Roets for not using the word white genocide, a victory for Afriforum that was shoved in our faces. Link:

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