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Q: Is the black government arming farm attackers? Katie Hopkins said the Police were involved!

Have some police weapons found their way into the hands of some criminals who have attacked farms. Yes they have. But the full story doesn't fit the white genocide narrative of a black government arming black thugs to drive white farmers off their land:

This is Colonel Chris Lodewyk Prinsloo who pleaded guilty in the Bellville Regional Court to over 20 charges of racketeering, corruption and money laundering. For at least six years the top cop and a colleague sold an estimated R9-million worth of lethal illegal weapons and ammunition to criminals. R9,000,000 worth of weapons and ammunition. Link:

But we still see articles like this:


(Warning - this article from christians for truth blames the white persecution media coverup on "the jewish controlled media" . They didn't even try hide it by saying "globalists" or "marxists" - the jewish controlled media... )

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