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Q: We heard a child was drowned in Boiling Water?

Updated: Jun 2, 2020

This story is frequently mentioned in vague terms (“They boil people alive!!”) - as if this is a general daily occurrence for white farmers. But in reality, this event happened more-or-less in isolation.

On 1 October 2011, Antonio Viana, his wife Geraldine and their 12-year-old son Amoro José Viana were killed by their long time gardeners on a plot in Walkerville in the Vaal. It was one of the most gruesome home invasions in South Africa’s recent history. (Please note, once again this was not a commercial farm, but a plot.)

The attackers broke into the house and lay waiting for the father, Antonio, to arrive. They attacked him with golf clubs and a panga before ordering him to open the family safe. When Antonio’s wife and son came home they too fell victim - tied up in separate rooms, Geraldine was raped and sexually assaulted with an empty liquor bottle. The son had his neck broken and was then thrown into a bath full of boiling water and drowned. His parents were both shot and killed. Luckily, Antonio’s daughter was not home when the attack took place.

The killers fled in the family's Hyundai Getz, laden with stolen goods worth R150 000. Their lawyer told the court that they had broken into the house to steal the family's possessions and seek revenge for their alleged mistreatment by their employer, the 42-year-old Mrs Viana.

Sipho Mbhele, 20, and Patrick Radebe, 23, were sentenced to five life sentences and an additional 24 years each by Magistrate Rieta Willemse.

The details of this murder shook South Africa, and despite what alt-right propagandists like Lauren Southern would tell you about it getting "no coverage", the story went international. Once again this extreme case is not an everyday occurrence, Magistrate Willemse said in her 28 years experience as a magistrate, she had never dealt with such a brutal case.

This tragic incident was also hijacked by the white-genocide blogs, who tried to portray children being boiled alive as an everyday occurance in South Africa. Incidentally, Mr Viana was not Afrikaans, nor was he a commercial farmer (in other words, he was not part of the 32 000 “dwindling” commercial farmers). He was the owner of a tool shop – MSV Tooling – in Germiston. The murder also took place on a smallholding, not a farm – yet the story appears as an example of a “farm murder” on countless white genocide blogs.

The attackers knew the victims and needless to say, there were no links to the government whatsoever.

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