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Q: Have 70,000 whites been killed since the end of Apartheid?

Updated: May 9, 2020

“Almost 70 000 White People have been murdered by Blacks since 1994!” this is what activist Sunette Bridges Tweeted on Jan 13 2013.

^ Sunette ties herself to a statue with loose chains during a protest.

Sunette is famous for leading the "Red oktober march" against white genocide. This was still towards the end of the era where ALL murdered white people were considered hate crime victims if the criminal doing the murder was black. The focus of white genocide was not yet focusing mainly on farmers. The white farmer genocide myth would still evolve. If you search the internet you will find this figure of 70 000 being quoted everywhere. It was very popular from 2013 onwards.

Sunette did a weird calculation of 10.6 whites murdered per day for 18 years rounded off - to get the 70,000 figure. But after push back on twitter, Bridges mysteriously edited that figure, without admitting she was wrong. An article from the time said the following: "If you do a quick calculation, you will discover that this brings the murder rate to 0.46 whites killed every day. This equates to 3.6/100 000 whites murdered -per year.

A far cry from the 17/100 000 on the African Continent as a whole.

It is also less than the world average murder rate of 6.9/100 000.

It is almost similar to the rate of murder in Europe of 3.5/100 000 yearly. - As clearly illustrated the issue of White Genocide does not have any merit. By far the likeliest victims of murder in this country will be the black population. In fact, if you do the calculation, only slightly more than 1% of all murders in South Africa are “black on white murder”. Take into account that the white population is 8.9% of the total South African population. To conclude: - Whites are 8.9 times less likely to be murdered than black people in this country. - There is no way that a white genocide can be proven based on current statistics, and also the recent revelation that the 70 000 murdered since 1994, was a baseless rumour. - We have a serious problem in South Africa, and I believe that one murder is one murder too many. Our black population suffers much more than whites do. - If we stand together as South Africans, and stand up against this atrocious rate of murder against all our people, and not make it a “race exclusive” issue, we will be able to probably achieve more in com batting crime." - Source:

What is very interesting is the language Sunette used back in 2013 - she was integral in evolving and solidifying the core of the white genocide in South Africa myth:

From her website in 2013. How much of what she is saying is still being echoed today by white genocide activists. Look at Afriforum's "the world must know" report from this year (2020) how much of the themes here are repeated by Ernst Roets and Ernst van Zyl in that report - Afriforum stops just short of saying "There's a white genocide" but Sunette's paragraph is what their audience was raised on and they fully understand the nudge nudge wink wink that Ernst is giving them.

We often get gaslighted by people claiming "Nobody says there's an X or Y!" so we try and include examples wherever possible.

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