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Q: What do you have to say about BLF's "Kill white people" speech in December 2018?

This is how racial division is created in South Africa 101: You’ve probably seen the clip of BLF leader Andile Mngxitama going viral on all social media platforms right now. Has he really told his followers to start the white genocide? What was the context of that speech? This story started when billionaire Johann Rupert gave a controversial TV interview with PowerFM recently. Rupert made comments alluding to him having friends in the taxi associations that will help him if “those red guys” (The EFF) come and cause trouble with him. How the EFF responded: “As the EFF, we do not take it lightly that Johann Rupert says when we come for him, he has taxi people to protect him. This is a direct threat and it’s no secret that white privilege has used some in the taxi business to cause black divisions and black-on-black violence.” - Official statement from the EFF How the BLF responded: “Johan Rupert thinks he can repeat the black on black violence of the 80s. No we wont fight the taxi bosses he is paying. We will go to white suburbs and avenge each black life the taxi bosses take. That's deal!” - Andile Mngxitama leader of the BLF on twitter This alongside his now viral speech at a party event in Potchefstroom on Saturday where he said: “For each person killed by the taxi industry we will kill 5 white people”. How the VF+ responded: "Andile #Mngxitama telling his @BLF_SouthAfrica supporters to kill WHITE woman & children!The results of this #HateSpeech: … FARMMURDERS… That attackers use electric drills to drill holes in they’re victims! That they cut out farmers testicles, cook them & eat them!” - Jean Kriek of the VF+ on twitter. Now you know the context of these events. Who was responding to who, what and why. Let it be known that we are very much against the words used by Andile Mngxitama, and we condemn them in the strongest terms . Inciting violence is always wrong and inciting hatred towards a group is always wrong. We also want to point out that Andile and the BLF does not speak for all black people in South Africa, or people of color, which is what people on the right often want to portray. Don’t misconstrue this to mean we are taking sides with the white racists on the other side of the aisle, we condemn their incitement to violence as well. We would like to point out in that in both cases, the excuse for violence is that of “self defence”. When a white, right wing racist buys a gun, and says something like “This is my anti ANC terrorist kit”, that is just as dangerous and wrong as the speech given by Andile. Our page is already being spammed with Andile’s clip by rightwingers - “Look here is proof all blacks hate vvhites!” “Here is your proof of white genocide! These guys do the farm murders since 1994!” Here at Busting The Myth of White Genocide, we believe in context and facts over youtube views and likes. We condemn all threats of violence, no matter who it comes from, whereas the other side only condemns it when it comes from a black person. Sources:

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