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Q: Are children boiled alive in Farm attacks in South Africa?

It's very sad that we have to write a response like this, but there seems to be the idea that the children of farmers are often drowned in boiling water, as if it is a frequent event.

It didn't take us long to collect these examples of people saying it. So how many incidences of a child being boiled to death on a farm could we find in Democratic South Africa? Exactly one. 12-year-old Amoro José Viana was killed by his parent's long time gardeners on a plot in Walkerville in the Vaal in 2011. The boy had his neck broken and was then thrown into a bathtub full of boiling water and drowned. Full Story:

This is the one story that is most likely being alluded to and just to be precise, It also didn't happen on a farm (it happened on a plot) and the family was not Afrikaans/Boer. Home invasions with this level of cruelty and violence are not everyday occurrences. Magistrate Willemse of the case said that in her 28 years experience as a magistrate, she had never dealt with such a brutal case. Even if someone comes forward with another case or even 2 more terrible cases of a child being boiled to death on a farm in South Africa in the last 30 odd years, it still wouldn't justify the amount of times people say "They are BOILING children alive on our farms this is a farmer genocide!". People who do that are using the most horrendous incidents of a crime collected over decades and using them to characterize all incidents of farm attacks. As if in every failed farm attack, the perpetrators had planned to boil the children of the farmers alive. The people who use this tactic do so to shock the audience and portray black people as savage soulless barbarians. Two Factors: Children, and Boiling something to death. Even a military veteran would be shocked to hear a story like this, and would be guaranteed to sign your petition, follow your youtube channel or donate to your "Buffalo Bartlett walk across USA" plan to end the white genocide in SA.

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